SOS approach to feeding – 2022

The next SOS approach to feeding Conference will be held in Helsinore (Helsingør in danish) june 7th – june 10th  2022. 


There are 5 videos about the course on the page – so please scroll down, if You would like to know more:-)


Upon completion of the SOS Approach to Feeding Conference, attendees will

  • Receive foundational information regarding feeding development, evaluation, and SOS Treatment.
  • Participate via live/onsite education through lectures, case presentations, and group activities.
  • Receive a Certificate of Attendance that is eligible for submission to Professional Organization for Continuing Education Hours earned during course. Attendees must verify directly with Conference Host to confirm eligibility and continuing education credit availability.
  • Be listed on the SOS Referral List as an SOS Provider (Level 1).
  • Attendance does not certify attendee in the accurate application of the SOS Approach to Feeding Program.

Conference Learning Objectives

  1. List the seven areas of human function that need to be examined to provide a comprehensive Feeding Assessment.
  2. Identify at least five of the oral, sensory, motor, cognitive or emotional developmental milestones key to being able to eat well.
  3. List three reasons why children won’t eat, as based on learning theory principles.
  4. Differentiate classical and operant conditioning principles as applied to resolving feeding problems.
  5. Identify at least four of the necessary components of an SOS Approach to Feeding program for babies, toddlers and young children in either an individual or group therapy session.
  6. List all three requirements for building a Food Hierarchy.
  7. Identify at least one play based strategy for progressing a child up each of the 6 major Steps on the Steps to Eating Hierarchy.

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Agerange of children targeted at the basic course:
6 month to 6 years.

Advanced online education (minor courses and mentorship)
After attending this basic course, it is possible to access the advanced online courses for more specialized knowledge. You can find the current advanced courses and the mentorship here:
You can only access the advanced courses after completing the basic course!

Who will benefit from attending?
The course is intended for all professionals, working with children having severe sensitivity, sensory motor problems, physical eating disorders and / or food phobia (not bulimia, anorexia, orthorexia etc.) e.g.: occupational therapist, physiotherapist, healthcare professional, nurse, doctor, psychologist,  speech language pathologist, nursery educator, day care paedagogue, social worker, dietitian, dietary consultant, dental hygienist, paediatric dentist.

Presenters: (The SOS team reserves the right to change the teachers – the program is of course exactly the same).
Dr. Kay A. Toomey, PhD – Pediatric Psychologist; President of Toomey & Associates, Inc.; Clinical Consultant to the Feeding Clinic at STAR Institute for Sensory Processing Disorder.

Dr. Erin S. Ross, PhD, CCC-SLP – Neonatal and Pediatric Speech Pathologist; Assistant Clinical Professor at University of Colorado; Faculty at Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions; President at Feeding FUNdamentals, LLC.

Erling Jensens Vej 1
DK-3000 Helsingoer

June 7th – June 10th 2022

December 6th 2021.
If You need to reach 2022 to get access to the educational funds, you can postpone payment until February 28th 2022.
Please write to to let us know, if you need this option.

Day 1 registration: 7.30-8.00
Day 1: 08.00-17.00
Day 2: 08.00-17.00
Day 3: 08.00-17.00
Day 4: 08.00-17.00

Please make all travel arrangements, so that you can attend the WHOLE course – as participants will miss crucial information needed to be able to correctly use the SOS Approach to Feeding program, if they come late or leave the course early.
A full time certificate of attendance is also necessary if you want to take further online education/mentorship at SOS Approach to feeding.

External course:
The course is an external course – so Acommodation is not included in the price. This allows participants to choose their place of residence and price.

We recommend that you stay at Konventum – both so that you have easy access to your room, but also so that you can socialize with the other participants in the evening.
NOTE: that you shall contact them by email or phone, if you would like to book a room with the discount, that we have persuaded them to give participants.
Konventums website is currently under reconstruction / update, so there is only limited data available. You are welcome to give them a call on +45 4928 0900 or an E-mail:
Other Hotels can be found here
Bed and breakfast can be found here
Danhostel can be found here

The price for the cource is DKK 10.396,- / EUR 1.395,-  as an earlybird until December 6th 2021. Hereafter (if we have more seats available) the pris will be DKK 10.796,- / EUR 1.449,-
(All prices above are without 25% VAT, so if you live in Denmark, you have to add VAT to the price)

Included in the course:
Breakfast, midmorning snack, lunch and afternoon snack
Physical binder with all the course material

American english, the presenters are easy to understand.
As there will be no interpretation into danish, we will provide a small photocopied dictionary with most of the special words used at the course.
A good advice for participants with English being the second language – and a bit rusty:
See some online english spoken webinars, listen to english podcasts or an audiobook (preferably clinical), online lectures, films (hide the subtitles) etc.  right up to the course – so your brain is toptuned for all the very important information given in the 4 days.
You can also read something in english – preferably something clinical.

Register here


1. time in Denmark – 2016 in Odense:-)


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